Every Business Owner will need to exit their business at some time in the future! But will be at a time of your choosing? Too often external issues, medical or family create a situation without warning

Looking at what would need to be done should we meet with a fatal accident or an incapacitating illness of some sort and creating a package of everything necessary for someone to be able to continue or wind down your business as appropriate in such circumstances should be considered good practice! This applies even if you are a one-person business!

Many business owners will manage their business to suit themselves but recognise that best value and saleability depend on a potential buyer’s view. Three plans are needed- business, personal & financial.

How can SatNav4Business help you?

  • Professional advice from a Chartered Financial Planner to work out what your number is based on the Personal Pan, for what you want to do with your life after you have sold your business! They will create a Financial Plan with you to ensure that you can enjoy the life you want without the fear of running out of money!
  • With our advice and support, calculate the current business value and plan growth to generate that number from its future sale. Implementing a number of different plan elements will be needed to make your business fit for sale and sufficiently valuable over say a five-year period.

This is still a really worthwhile programme to undertake even if you are far too young to be thinking about retirement!

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