When you’re going on a journey, the amount of planning you do before setting out usually depends on how long and complicated you think your journey will be. Without a plan, you risk getting lost, and not reaching your destination at all. The same applies to your business journey.

Every plan starts with where you are now, considers what you want to achieve over a given period, and looks at the practical steps needed to achieve that, as well as attaching numbers to individual lines of activity whether they be for revenue or costs.

Too often business plans are merely spreadsheets better described as wish lists. An effective plan needs to take account of the physical business and the activities required to make the desired progress a reality!

How can SatNav4Business help you?

  • Help you look at the alternative ways to achieve your chosen business goals and create a suitable business plan incorporating your own decisions.
  • If appropriate, help you to present your plan to lenders or investors.
  • The plan will not implement itself so we can help you with this and also create action plans for each aspect. We can help the implementation process for you to DIY, or Do It With You or, in some cases, Do It For You as appropriate.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting on progress against the plan is also essential and we can support you with this too

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