Whatever business you operate as an owner or manager there will be a requirement for training! One of the challenges is working out what is relevant and necessary and perhaps also, what can be achieved within any particular budget. Put simply the essence of training is to take people from not knowing what they don’t know to recognising what they don’t know and then to consciously doing what they have been taught and finally doing what they have been taught without having to think hard about it.

Most businesses will have a good understanding of the technical training required to enable employees or others to do a technically competent job. The problems start when people graduate from a purely technical role to having other responsibilities as well, from the supervision of one or more others to, for example, being responsible for a budget. This can apply to business owners too!

How can SatNav4Business help you?

  • With access to a huge variety of business skills training courses and presentation materials, many of which we have written, together with subject experts to deliver them
  • Tailor training to your individual needs or that of your audience, to be delivered face-to-face or virtually on an individual or group basis.
  • Decide whether you want a multi-part course or individual seminars or workshops.
  • Implementation of learning is supported on a DIY (mentored), Peer to Peer (DIWithYou), or DIForYou basis, dependent on your requirements.

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